What is a site analysis?

We'll take a look at your site to determine what you're doing well and what could be improved then generate an easy to understand report that you can view online. It's simple, informative, and FREE!

Digital Strategy Services


Website Audit

A detailed analysis of your website that detects any and all issues that may keep your site from ranking in search engine results.

Why it's important: The website audit determines what your site is doing well, what it's doing poorly, and where we can take steps to improve your search engine ranking and user experience.


Competitive Analysis

An analysis of the competitive landscape as it relates to search engine rankings.

Why it's important: The competitive analysis tells us what your competitors are doing to rank at the top of search engine results. This allows us to develop a detailed strategy to compete for these top spots.


Content Strategy

A detailed strategy for each page of your website based on in-depth keyword research and traffic statistics.

Why it's important: The content strategy lays out a plan for making your website as relevant and engaging as possible for visitors. This will improve search ranking as well as the overall user experience.


Directory Listings Management

A determination of the most relevant business directories in which to register your brand as well as an analysis of current listings.

Why it's important: Consistent listings across relevant business directories help your customers find you more easily and convey relevance to search engines.


Analytics Measurement Plan

A measurement plan based on your primary business objectives. Our Google Certified Digital Analytics Experts identify strategies and tactics to meet these objectives.

Why it's important: Setting key performance indicators based on measurable data allows us to gauge the performance of your digital strategy.

Coding & Design Services


Responsive Web Design

Design that responds to the user's device in order to provide a high quality user experience no matter the screen size.

Why it's important: Responsive design is a must. With nearly half of all visitors viewing your site on a mobile device, it's important to provide an optimal user experience for the smallest screens.


Web Development

The code that runs your site. We can build anything from a simple blog to an elaborate social media web app.

Why it's important: Code can have a dramatic impact on your site's ability to rank in search engines. Not all developers understand the nuances of building a site that is consitent with SEO best practices.



Ongoing maintenance and improvements that keep your site running smoothly and ranking highly in search results.

Why it's important: As your website is updated, content must be properly mapped and indexed in order to be recognized by search engines.

Ongoing Marketing Services


Content Development

Blog articles, social media posts, infographics, user stories, games and so much more. We create content that will engage visitors.

Why it's important: Content should be created with the visitor in mind. Competition is fierce, so your website content must be as relevant and engaging as possible to win the attention of potential visitors and keep them on your site.


Link Building

Content must be shared in order for your digital marketing strategy to be successful. We do the research that enables us to build relevant links from prominent, industry-specific authors and publications.

Why it's important: Search engine rankings are like one big popularity contest. The more relevant sites that link to your content, the more respect you receive from search engines.


Digital Ad Campaigns

Pay Per Click and Social Media Advertising. It's a great way to distribute your message to the masses, but it is a complex process that must be managed appropriately in order to maximize ROI.

Why it's important: These services place an enormous audience at your fingertips. However, unless properly implemented and managed, digital advertising campaigns will, likely, produce underwhelming results.


Newsletter Management

Reach out to your audience with beautifully designed email newsletters that strengthen relationships and convert leads to customers.

Why it's important: Maintaining and growing relationships over time is key to converting visitors to customers. Creating rich, engaging content is a must in order to win conversions and limit the number of unsubscribers.

Insight & Reporting Services


Analytics & Reporting

Up to the minute statistics and key performance indicators based on your specific Analytics Measurement Plan.

Why it's important: In order to gauge the success of your marketing strategy, it's important that detailed statistics are constantly being collected and analyzed. This allows us to not only gauge performace, but also to respond by altering your digital marketing strategy.

Simple Tools With a Big Impact

Detailed Site Analysis & Content Strategy

Why it's important: In order to gauge the success of your marketing strategy, it's important that detailed statistics are constantly being collected and analyzed. This allows us to not only gauge performace, but also to respond by altering your content strategy.

Digital Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, and Development for Atlanta Small Businesses
Digital Marketing + Web Design & Development in Atlanta, GA

What We Do

We manage the complex world of web design, development, and digital marketing to help you grow your business.

Your website should be the focal point of a well-designed digital marketing strategy that attracts visitors, converts these visitors to leads, and develops these leads into customers or clients over time.

Lasso Digital Content Strategy

Digital Strategy

A successful digital strategy is built on careful research, engaging content, and the identification of key performance indicators that reflect your specific business goals. Our fully integrated approach ensures the success of your campaign.

Lasso Digital Web Design and Development

Design & Code

We design and build your site from the ground up to be fully optimized based on your custom content strategy. We can also build any custom feature or application you dream up, so the possibilities are virtually endless.

Lasso Digital Web Development


We'll continue to mold your custom strategy, develop engaging content, build relevant links, run digital ad campaigns, and manage your email outreach in order to maximize your web presence and online visibility.

Lasso Digital Web Analytics


We know where your visitors come from and how they're interacting with your site. This allows us to refine your digital strategy to be as effective as possible. Plus, our consistent reporting keeps you in the loop, so you can easily monitor ROI.

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    Web Design

    Collegetown Properties

    Branding & responsive website design for a property management company in Athens, GA. Features include a map-based project portfolio, employee profiles, newsfeed, and job openings with online application submission.

    Web Design

    Highlands Tallahassee

    Branding & responsive microsite design for a luxury student housing project in Tallahassee, FL. Features include location information, floor plan details, lease application, photo gallery, & detailed FAQ.

    Web Design

    Estate Clemson

    Branding & responsive microsite design for a luxury student housing project in Clemson, SC that won the Student Housing Business award for 'Best New Boutique Development in America' in 2017.

    Web Design

    Prospect Milledgeville

    Responsive website design for a student housing development near Georgia College & State University. Features include fullscreen video on landing page as well as detailed property & leasing info.

    Application Development

    College House

    Branding, website design, plus mobile application design & development for iOS & Android. College House allows students & parents to search for student-oriented housing and provides detailed tools for property managers.

    Application Development

    Rent College Town

    Branding & responsive website design for a robust property listing service. Features include listings search segmented by market, filtered search by property details, & detailed property management tools.

    Application Development

    Open Ice

    Branding and responsive website design for an application that allows ice rinks to offer unscheduled ice time online. Features include proximity search, online booking & payment, split payments, & detailed reports for managers.

    Digital Marketing

    The Balcony

    We managed a successful social media ad campaign for this apartment complex in Starkville, MS. We implemented a comprehensive retargeting strategy to boost traffic and leads by nearly 1,000%.

    Digital Marketing

    Crawford Edge

    For this Clemson student housing project, we drove thousands of unique visitors to a custom landing page and dramatically increased leads through a cost-effective, social media retargeting campaign.

    Digital Marketing

    Blue Moon Electric

    This electrical company in Athens, GA wanted to reach the first page of search results. We delivered. By focusing on copywriting and content strategy, Blue Moon reached #2 in search engine results, and their leads increased 12x.

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